Master's Thesis @ BIAS Bremen , 2014/2015
Optical measurement of partially specular surfaces by combining pattern projection and deflectometry techniques
Thesis (in english) as pdf file (10 MB)
Presentation of thesis (in german) as pdf file (9 MB)

Diploma thesis @ BIAS Bremen , 2004/2005
Contour detection by digital-holographic interferometry using varied ilumination directions
Diploma thesis (in german) as pdf file (3.4MB)
Presentation of diploma thesis (in german) as pdf file (1.9 MB)

VVVV-adapted FreeFrame-Plugins for Color / Contour Tracking in video frames using OpenCV:
Plugin dll, VVVV help patch & Dev-Cpp project files
ColorTracker (362KB)
CamShiftTracker (355KB)
Contour (329KB)

HLSL shader source for VVVV (.fx)
Background Suppression (4KB)
Anaglyph (8KB)

Project page / userpage VVVV @ meso featuring mini-manual for patches

Project Luma : light painting (zip file with binary and dlls):
Luma (1061KB)