Contour detection by digital-holographic interferometry using varied ilumination directions
- Diploma thesis ( Optical technologies and image processing ) , 2004/2005

In this thesis the two-source-method, based on digital-holographic interferometry, was experimentally examined. Several typical optical setups for recording digital holograms where assembled; by performing a deformation measurement experiment, recording, reconstruction and interferometrical analysis of the digital holograms where demonstrated. With the help of simulations, a geometry model fitting the two-source-method was developed. Using a self-developed calibration method, contour measurements where performed; the calibration method was validated by comparing the measured contour with reference data from a tringulation sensor measurement. A method for seperating the illumination beams by the use of polarisation techniques was introduced, and verified for use with metallic object surfaces. An extension of the measuring method to simultaneous capturing using two cameras was investigated and problems shown.

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